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Resilience is key in a frantic world

“What do you do?” They ask . I could give people the short, easy answer, but what would that say about why I’m here on planet earth? So instead I say, “I inspire people to unlock their true and fullest potential so they can live a full and meaningful life’. Now you are still probably wondering what I actually do; well I’m a Mental Health Nurse and Well-Being Consultant and my passion is helping people unlock their true potential at the earliest point possible.

You’re probably thinking this would be in supporting young children and yes sometimes this is true but we all have potential to grow and reinvent ourselves at any point in our lives, at any age. In our society mental illness and difficult adverse events are portrayed as a bad thing to which we should avoid. But what if we all shifted our perspective on this view and actually treat the adverse events in our life as a message, an opportunity to grow and become stronger and more resilient.

Well at SymphforMind, this is exactly what we intend on doing. Helping people get the best out of themselves through adversity.

I have worked in the field of mental health for nearly 2 decades and supported people in their darkest moments. Now when you see people at their most difficult points in life and trust me I have, you begin to wonder if things can get better for this person and my answer is always yes.

Early intervention doesn’t always mean catch the problem early and you will prevent something getting worse. What it means is helping someone grow and creating a new, better and upgraded version of themselves.

This small article isn’t here to bore you with the statistics around suicide and mental illness. The statistics speak for themselves and by now most of us are very aware of how our troubled and stressed society cant sustain itself. So what’s the answer? Well that’s very simple but very hard at the same time.

We all have unresolved memories or trauma from the past and whether we acknowledge this or not this is what is stopping each and every one of us from living a fulfilled, happy life full of abundance and happiness. Planet earth is in a period of healing and so is humanity. If we focus on healing ourselves then everything will naturally fit into place.

I know the burning question on everyone’s minds is, ‘How do we heal? How do I live a life free from stress and worry?’ In my own personal and professional journey one thing always stands out with regards to how we heal and live a happy life. Education of mind and body. When we understand how something works we don’t fear it, we face it head on with confidence and we are able to resolve, grow and develop great resilience in life.

At SymphforMind our mission is to educate people of all ages on the importance of mind-body connection. Once we become familiar with the inner workings of our mind and body we then can become masters and mechanics of our life. Once this occurs we can connect once again as a species to make planet earth a truly wonderful place to live.

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